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Beth Torah’s award winning Men’s Club has another year of great programs ahead. The Men’s Club meets once a month for a super tasty lox and bagel breakfast followed up with interesting and informative speakers and other worthwhile projects.

We do stuff for the shul

Build the synagogue sukkah each year
Host an annual pancake breakfast for Learning Center
Do a project for the annual Karen Leynor Mitzvah Day

We do stuff for the community

Leading the annual Reading of the Names Holocaust Remembrance program

Serve lunch to residents of Prince of Wales

Participate in FJMC's annual World Wide Wrap

We do stuff for the guys

Host Cigar & Scotch nights

Host dinner out

Attend sporting events 

Get your membership...

  • Annual dues only costs $36.00 per year plus $7 for breakfast on a monthly basis.
  • Chai Five rate for 2021-2022 (includes annual dues and every monthly breakfast) for $90.
  • Pay–as–you–eat, non–members pay $10 per event for lox and bagels and hear a great speaker for free (membership not required).

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  Email our Men's Club president for questions

Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782