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Large enough to serve you…small enough to know you

Spirituality & Theology
Sundays* | 8AM
This year, Rabbi Zelony and the Spirituality class will be examining the work of Rabbi Naomi Levy and her book Einstein and the Rabbi. Rabbi Naomi Levy takes us on a journey into the world of our souls, inspired by correspondence between Albert Einstein and a grieving rabbi. We often get so distracted by life's surface demands and pressures that we rarely take the time to see what's planted deep inside us. By listening to our souls we can uncover our true goodness, our calling, our yearnings, our gifts, yes, and even our greatness. Once we begin listening to our own souls we begin seeing the souls of others, seeing beyond our differences, to the truth that unites us and unites all things.
Click here for class text. A few copies are available to borrow from the Beth Torah Library; to reserve a copy please email Beri Kaplan Schwitzer.
Click here to join in via ZOOM | ID 89728514597| Password 127d0V
 *Follows Congregational Learning Center Sunday schedule. 

The Talmud
Mondays | 7:45 AM
The Talmud is the foundational text upon which all modern forms of Judaism stand. Come explore, spar with, and make meaning of this sacred book. Open to all learners. 
Class text is Relics for the Present by Rabbi Levi Cooper Berakhot Volume II.
Click here to join via Zoom | ID 84008177165 | Password 54MkVz
Thu, January 27 2022 25 Shevat 5782