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Congregation Beth Torah's sanctuary is a tranquil space that provides a place to connect with God, your Jewish ancestors, and your Jewish community.

When you walk in, your eyes will immediately be drawn to our four beautiful stained glass murals created by John Keberle and installed in August 2002. The symbolism and story behind each panel was intentionally designed to embody our community's love of Torah, God, tradition, and Israel.

A tour of our stained glass murals



Window 1: The Torah scroll begins its winding path through all four windows, reminding us that the Torah connects Jews throughout the ages.
a.    Shema Yisrael - The core Jewish belief that "God is One"
b.    Sacrifice of a ram in place of Isaac, establishing that God does not want child sacrifice
c.    Dramatic giving of the 10 Commandments at Mt. Sinai
d.    12 round pieces of glass, representing the 12 tribes



Window 2: The Torah scroll continues carving its path...

a.    The Burning Bush or Tree of Life - symbolizing our deep Jewish roots
b.    The Temple
c.    Shabbat candles





Window 3: The Torah scroll continues winding, connecting...
a.    7 branch candlestick - a symbol from the Temple of King Solomon
b.    A harp and crown representing King David
c.    An elderly hand passing the Torah down to the youth
d.    The shofar and its awaking call




Window 4: The Torah scroll makes its way into the present...
a.   Outline of State of Israel from top to bottom
b.   Lines of glass at top represent the Western Wall
c.    Israeli flag
d.    Pomegranate - a symbol dating back to the Temple
e.    Adonai Echad - concluding the the Shema that began in the first panel.



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